Notes on sustainable web development, performance tips for websites and apps, as well as a few other musings.

You can also find case studies featuring some of the optimisation and performance work I've done for clients.

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Lazy-loading embedded iframes

Lazy-loading iframes can lead to data savings for your users, faster page loads, and quick interactivity for your site.

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Introducing Optimised

Optimised is a fortnightly newsletter focused on the ways website performance and optimisation can help your customers, your business, and the planet.

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Reduce the Weight of Your Web Pages with the Picture Tag

Images often combine to make up the largest group of resources on a web page (in terms of file size). Therefore, optimising images is one of the easiest steps any website owner can take when looking at improving the performance of their website.

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Generate CSV Files from Data with 11ty

Eleventy is one heck of a powerful, incredibly flexible static site generator. This short guide will show you how you can generate CSV data files using Eleventy.