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Fershad Irani
Web Sustainability Consultant

Hey, I'm Fershad. I help organisations and individuals who want to better understand the environmental impact of their websites and apps.

Why does website sustainability matter?

What I do

I work with teams and individuals that want start understanding how they can measure and reduce the carbon footprint of their websites or apps. This can be via consulting and advisory engagements, through to building carbon emissions estimates & carbon awareness into products/services.

I also ...


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Are my third parties green?

I built aremythirdpartiesgreen.com to help give some visibility to the sustainability of third-party requests on the web. Use it to test your own site, and find out if the external resources being used are hosted on green infrastructure.


I write every so often on my blog about topics relating to digital sustainability and performance. You can also find case studies featuring some of the optimisation and performance work I've done for clients.

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A first look at Carbon Control by WebPageTest

In early May, 2023, the WebPageTest (WPT) team shipped a new feature to the tool. They called it Carbon Control, and boy oh boy was I excited to see it finally land.

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Chasing efficiency rather than green energy

A recent post by Adrian Cockcroft raised some sensible counter arguments for why chasing green energy usage for cloud compute might not always be the most climate friendly solution.