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Fershad Irani
Web Sustainability Consultant

Hey, I'm Fershad. I am a web sustainability consultant working with the Green Web Foundation towards a fossil free internet by 2030.

What I do

I work with the Green Web Foundation on open source projects, prototypes, and writing all with the aim to make web sustainability approachable and accessible to more developers. Some key projects I've been involved with include CO2.js, adding carbon emissions into the Firefox Profiler, and Are my third parties green?


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Are my third parties green?

I built aremythirdpartiesgreen.com to help give some visibility to the sustainability of third-party requests on the web. Use it to test your own site, and find out if the external resources being used are hosted on green infrastructure.


I write every so often on my blog about topics relating to digital sustainability and performance. I also write notes and other thoughts at https://qt.fershad.com.

Logo of COP28 with a circle on the left featuring illustrations of green energy systems, animals and a man. On the right the text COP28 UAE.

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COP28 UAE: A Low Carbon Website Review

It's almost COP time, which means another website review! This year I'm focusing on the controversial Low Carbon Version of the COP28 website, and looking at how it has been implemented.

Screenshot of the Firefox Profiler

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Power consumption of JPEG, WebP, and AVIF

How much power does loading a JPEG, WebP, and AVIF image consumer on a user's device? In this post, I've used the Firefox Profiler to run some unscientific tests in the hopes of finding out.