Below are a few of the personal projects that I have built and released out into the world. You can visit the projects themselves, or check out the links to find out more about each project.

Carbon-aware website

In 2023, I made my website carbon aware. That means it changes dynamically depending on the carbon intensity of the electricity grid that a visitor is on.

CO2 estimates in Firefox Profiler

Presenting CO2 estimates in the Firefox DevTools Profiler.


I am a code contributor to, and maintainer of, CO2.js - A JavaScript library that allows developers to estimate the emissions associated with their apps, websites and software.

Eleventy Plugin: Green Links

An Eleventy plugin which checks if links on a website are hosted on verified green hosting providers from The Green Web Foundation's Green Web dataset.


ReqCheck is a tool I’ve built to help folks find out where all the different requests made by a web page are served from.

Are my third parties green?

I built to help give some visibility to the sustainability of third-party requests on the web. Use it to test your own site, and find out if the external resources being used are hosted on green infrastructure.

Flowty Archived

Webflow is a great service for designers who want to create amazing websites for clients. It does leave a few things on the table when it comes to web sustainability though. Flowty gives designers who build with Weblow the power to create fast, low-carbon, self-hosted sites in minutes.