My most recent writing on sustainable web development, performance tips for websites and apps, as well as a few other musings.

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Are my third parties green? Two and a bit years on

The Are my third parties green? project has been running for over two years now. In this post, I look back at the project, and do an analysis of the data it's captured.

Man in a surgical outfit taking off surgical mask covering his mouth with a questioning look on his face. Text on the image reads

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Why are you estimating digital carbon emissions?

In this post, I want to look at the two different carbon accounting models used for estimation, and in what scenario you might use one over the other.

Time lapse photography of square containers at night photo with light trails weaving across the frame.

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Thinking about a way to estimate website energy use

In this post, I want to continue building out an incremental model, but rather than focusing on emissions calculations I want to create a model to estimate energy use.

6 people riding into the sunset on a wide tarmac.

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2023 in review

A look back at a very full 2023.

Logo of COP28 with a circle on the left featuring illustrations of green energy systems, animals and a man. On the right the text COP28 UAE.

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COP28 UAE: A Low Carbon Website Review

It's almost COP time, which means another website review! This year I'm focusing on the controversial Low Carbon Version of the COP28 website, and looking at how it has been implemented.

Screenshot of the Firefox Profiler

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Power consumption of JPEG, WebP, and AVIF

How much power does loading a JPEG, WebP, and AVIF image consumer on a user's device? In this post, I've used the Firefox Profiler to run some unscientific tests in the hopes of finding out.