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Logo of COP28 with a circle on the left featuring illustrations of green energy systems, animals and a man. On the right the text COP28 UAE.

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COP28 UAE: A Low Carbon Website Review

It's almost COP time, which means another website review! This year I'm focusing on the controversial Low Carbon Version of the COP28 website, and looking at how it has been implemented.

Screenshot of the Firefox Profiler

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Power consumption of JPEG, WebP, and AVIF

How much power does loading a JPEG, WebP, and AVIF image consumer on a user's device? In this post, I've used the Firefox Profiler to run some unscientific tests in the hopes of finding out.

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Release guide: CO2.js v0.13

CO2.js v0.13.0 brings the latest average grid intensity data from Ember into the library, as well as expands the number of countries for which average grid intensity data is available.

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A first look at Carbon Control by WebPageTest

In early May, 2023, the WebPageTest (WPT) team shipped a new feature to the tool. They called it Carbon Control, and boy oh boy was I excited to see it finally land.

Silhouette of Boy Running in Body of Water during Sunset

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Chasing efficiency rather than green energy

A recent post by Adrian Cockcroft raised some sensible counter arguments for why chasing green energy usage for cloud compute might not always be the most climate friendly solution.

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Eleventy Plugin: Green Links

A small Eleventy plugin I built at the end of February 2023.