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Slow websites can frustrate your users, result in lower sales, and have a larger environmental impact. Optimising your site is one of the most important steps you can take to boost revenue, increase conversion and engagement, and reduce your site's carbon footprint.

Through outcomes focused performance guidance, I aim to help clients realise the maximum potential of their websites and apps. At the same time, I help educate and advise them through making meaningful changes that reduce the overall environmental impact of their digital assets.

I am available for both short- and long-term engagements. From one-off website audits, to strategic project advisory, through to multi-month consulting. If you'd like to work together, feel free to get in touch with me using one of the methods below.

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For good

I set aside a portion of the revenue from each project to support sustainable development projects in the real world, and open source software projects.

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What can I do?

Every project is different. At the beginning of each engagement I'll work with you to understand your goals, requirements, and what will bring you maximum value. From there, we can work out the most suitable approach.

Here is a sampling of the kind of projects I can deliver.

Performance audit

A website audit will allow you to identify problem areas on your site, and help you formulate corrective actions. The outcome of an audit engagement includes a report, a review call, and I can also present findings to different stakeholders within your company.

Audit reports:

  • Real-user page experience data, and simulated test results.
  • Examine code structure, resource loading, caching, and prioritisation.
  • Highlight opportunities for file optimisations.
  • Present CO2 estimates, and highlight potential areas for improvement.
  • Examing the impact of third-party intergrations.

Project strategy

Get to grips with performance & sustainability from the start of your projects so that you're not chasing it later. I'll work alongside you to provide guidance and expertise that can keep your developers on track to deliver outstanding results.

Ongoing advisory

A more regular engagement, I can be around to keep an eye on your site's performance, or guide your team through website changes.

  • Help you prioritise and plan performance tasks.
  • Review website changes & optimisations made by your team.
  • Provide ongoing advice and guidance on sustainable website design and development.
  • Regularly monitor website performance and highlight any regressions that may occur.

Third-party review

Third-party requests can quickly become a performance choke point for a website. Accounting for over 45% of website requests, they can also have a large impact on the overall sustainability of a website.

This review builds on the work I have done with the "Are my third parties green?" tool. I will critically examine the use of third-party resources, and highlight their performance and environmental impacts.

Workshops and training

Build a culture of sustainability-first, performance focused development within your team. I can provide web performance and sustainability workshops for small teams or agencies.

I'll help your team understand the importance and overlaps between Digital Sustainability and Performance. From there, we'll explore different techniques and strategies that will allow them to put sustainability and performance at the heart of every project.