Website Sustainability & Performance Audits

A website audit will allow you to identify problem areas on your site, and help you formulate corrective actions. I provides audits focused on improving your site's Core Web Vitals and sustainability.

At the end of each audit you will receive an audit report detailing my findings and suggested improvements. We'll also arrange a review call where I'll take you through the report, help you make sense of my recommendations, and give you guidance on next steps.

Core Web Vitals Audit

Understand the current state of your site's Core Web Vital metrics. To start with, this audit will give you an insight into your website's current Core Web Vitals. Using publicly available data from Google (where possible), combined with simulated tests, we'll lift the lid on your site's Core Web Vitals across both mobile and desktop devices.

With this information in hand, I'll then breakdown the areas you can address to improve your site's Core Web Vitals. This will be accompanied by my own suggestions on what steps you can take for each of these areas to improve your web vitals scores. Where possible, I will try to provide multiple options with a breakdown of their possible complexity and impact.

Fixed price: $900 USD

Essential Site Audit

Improve your Core Web Vitals while also reducing your site's carbon impact. This audit will surface key Core Web Vitals improvements you can apply, while also giving you visibility on their impact to your site's overall sustainability and carbon emissions.

At the end of the audit you'll receive a set of recommendations and actions to help fix any issues that are found.

Fixed price: $1700 USD

Performance & Sustainability Assessment

A detailed look at your entire site that will help you better understand its performance and sustainability profile.

This assessment will provide you with a thorough report with a range of recommendations, actions, and best practices that can be employed to improve site sustainability and performance.

Starts from : $5000 USD

How it works

Getting your site audited is an easy way to kickstart the optimisation process.

  1. Book an audit

    Select the an audit package that fits your site, and contact me to schedule an audit. I'll do some initial triage, ask you a few questions, and arrange a timeframe for the audit to be performed.

  2. Audit

    This is where I get to work. I'll take a look at your site from multiple angles to get a clearer picture of how your site works, and where issues may be lurking. Audits take at least five days.

  3. Report

    At the conclusion of the audit I'll deliver you with a report of my findings. I will also outline corrective actions to address any sustainability and performance issues that are identified. Alongside these I'll also outline additional optimisations you can consider for the site.

  4. Review call

    With the report in your hands you'll also have the option to schedule a review call. This will give you a chance to ask any questions you might have about the audit findings.