Drawing of Taiwan centered on a globe with the words Clean Energy Project Taiwan above.
Banner image for the Clean Energy Project Taiwan

Clean Energy Project Taiwan

The Taiwan Clean Energy Project is an endeavour to track the contribution of low-carbon energy sources to Taiwan's overall energy generation mix. The hope is that it will be able to track energy production all the way through to the day Taiwan achieves 100% power generation from clean sources.

Another aim of this project is to get people to start thinking about what they can do as individuals to live more sustainable, low-carbon lives. All content is in both English & Chinese.

In developing this website I set several sustainability-focused goals. All goals were expected to be met alongside the site remaining visually engaging.

  1. Each page must produce < 0.20g of CO2 per view ✅
  2. Total CO2 emissions for the whole site < 2g ✅
  3. Each page < 500kB on desktop ✅

All goals were met. Overall the entire site comes in at 1.58g of CO2 in total (well short of the 2g target)! For some perspective, the average CO2 produced by single web page tests using http://websitecarbon.com is 1.76g at the time of writing.

At the bottom of each page is a small badge that shows the estimated carbon emissions for the page. This data is being saved, and will be consolidated into a page that will allow visitors to see the total carbon emissions for the life of the site.

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