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Dark Mode toggle for Svelte

Toggle Component

Inside your Svelte project create a new component named Toggle.svelte. It's going to contain a script tag, and button element.

	let darkMode = false;
	function toggle() {
        darkMode = !darkMode;

<button on:click={toggle}>
	{#if darkMode }
		Go light
		Go dark

What the code above does is:

  1. Initiates a boolean variable that allows us to check the current theme.
  2. Creates a function that reverses the variable, and toggles a class on the body DOM element.
  3. Has a button that calls the function when clicked.

The button also contains an if statement which changes the value of the button element based on the current theme. Thanks to the reactivity of Svelte, this just works straight out of the box and will change automatically when the toggle() function is run.

In there REPL I've also added some styling to the button, but I won't got through that here.

Import the Toggle

To use the toggle component within your app, import it using import Toggle from './Toggle.svelte';. In the REPL we've imported it directly into the App.svelte file, however you might want to use the toggle in a Header, Nav or Footer component. It's up to you.

Now, for the Toggle to appear within your app simply call it using a capitalized component tag <Toggle />.


Of course, none of the above will work with having the right CSS in place to change the style. Below is a really simple example of how you might implement this. You can either add the CSS to your Svelte project's global.css file or add it to App.svelte.

		--bg-color: #FFFFFF;
		--text-color: #000000;
	:global(body) {
		background: var(--bg-color);
		color: var(--text-color);
	:global(body.dark) {
		--bg-color: #000000;
		--text-color: #FFFFFF;

Code & Example

I've build this out in Svelte's online REPL. The code and example both live there.

Note: In this guide we won't be persisting the theme change. That means any time the page is refreshed the theme will revert back to light mode.